The Nonintuitive Bits

Hi-Fi to Harley: A Technological Terrain

January 26, 2024 Season 1 Episode 88
The Nonintuitive Bits
Hi-Fi to Harley: A Technological Terrain
Show Notes

- Review and breakdown of HiFiMan Sundara High Fidelity Headphones.
- Insights on 'The Quantum Thief', a science fiction novel by Hannu Rajaniemi.
- Featuring 'Endurance', an exploration of survival and leadership.
- Examination of the TV show 'The Terror', a survival story with a monstrous twist.
- Coverage of topics such as privacy-focused societies, encryption function, and historical references.
- Highlight of the Netflix film 'Snow Society'.
- Deep-dive into North Pole survival stories and related films/books.
- Overview of 'Why Apollo was a success' and valuable engineering lessons from the project.
- Game review: 'Evil West' and 'Simulacra'.
- Exploring iOS features, specifically Stolen Device Protection.
- Update on OpenAI's advancements, privacy features and GPT-4 quotas.
- Discussion on GPT's new workspace-only visibility and its impact.
- In-depth talk about adventure motorcycles, featuring Harley Davidson Panamerica.
- Overview of Harley Davidson's move into the touring/adventure bike market.
- Experiences with off-road biking and plans for future excursions.
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