The Nonintuitive Bits

Lego and Tech Stocks: Novel Investment Strategies

January 19, 2024 Season 1 Episode 76
The Nonintuitive Bits
Lego and Tech Stocks: Novel Investment Strategies
Show Notes

#### The Screens: Big and Small
- Reflective discussion on Apple TV's 'Oppenheimer'.
- Comparative analysis of cinema and IMAX experiences.

#### Books and Related Media
- Appreciation of "The Making of the Atomic Bomb" and its connectivity with 'Oppenheimer'.
- Thorough review and dynamic exchange on the 'Black Mirror' series.

#### Trade and Technology
- Insights on Lego investment potential and tech firm trading strategies with NVIDIA as a case study.
- Introduction to Profits Taken service for aiding day trading efforts.

#### AI and the Future of Trading
- Assessing the role of AI in trade with a look at platforms like GPT.
- Detailed debate on AI training platform efficiencies.

#### Gaming and AI
- Launch of a new game featuring two GPT AI actors; an exploration of 'Exit The Game'.
- Overview of the rising trend of 'AI Girlfriends' in tech circles.

#### In-Depth Tech Discussions
- Report on Meta's purchase of H100 GPUs for LAMA Tree training.
- A comprehensive conversation on the current scenario of global chip production.
- Discussion on the potential aftermath of a catastrophic event at a TSMC fab.
- Examination of Meta's growing interest in open-source technologies.

#### Controversies
- Addressing the ongoing OpenAI controversy straining relations between scientists and the business sector.

#### Multimedia Content
- Review and observations on the new Daily Wire movie centered on basketball and gender politics.
- Look at the quick sales of Apple Vision Pro and following discussions.

#### Gear Focus
- A detailed study of Dell UltraSharp 6K monitor and its potential uses.
- Comparisons between Apple's new studio display, LG UltraFine, and Dell UltraSharp 6K.
- Exploring HDR support across different devices.

## References
- Apple TV's series: Oppenheimer and Black Mirror
- Book References: "The Making of the Atomic Bomb", "Going Infinite"
- Investment Focus: Lego Sets, NVIDIA, ChargePT
- Tech Focus: OpenAI GPT, LAMA Tree, Profits Taken service
- User Interaction: [Discord Community](
- Companies: Amazon, Uber, Meta, TSMC
- VR: Oculus
- Displays: Apple Vision Pro, Dell UltraSharp 6K, LG UltraFine 5K Monitor, Apple Studio Display
- Media Content: Silicon Valley (TV Show), Basketball-based movie by Daily Wire.