The Nonintuitive Bits

Data-driven Dialogue: AI and the Power of Privacy

December 22, 2023 Season 1 Episode 74
The Nonintuitive Bits
Data-driven Dialogue: AI and the Power of Privacy
Show Notes

- Thoughts on the operational period of Cruise- a quiet Christmas and New Year period now a tradition
- Anecdotes from 'John Wick' - a vigilante saga from Reddit, as it unfolded in Mexico
- Dmitry Manarikov's propositions on post-holiday plans and parenting
- Dwell into 'engineering excellence' vs 'operational excellence' - insights from Charlie Bell from AWS
- Observability and unit tests in programming decoded
- Studying AWS and Uber - their business processes under the lens
- A gaming session featuring a range of titles, including Nintendo Switch, Punch Club, Dave the Diver, Outer Wilds, Deathloop, Stray, Journey, What Remains of Eddie Switch, and Life Is Strange
- Encountered any tribulations with gaming on Apple's M1 chip? Discussing conundrums such as CS2’s lack of Mac support and Steam’s communication pitfalls
- Jessica's long-term memory GPUs - how useful are they?
- A peek into the world of stock investment bots - managing performance hiccups and the spotlight on Solana investments
- OpenAI's growth trajectory - improvements and impacts
- Our shout-out corner - Alexander and Oleg, join the live stream on our YouTube channel or engage with us on our [Discord community](
- An in-depth exploration into Local Language Models (LLMs) - dealing with fine-tuning issues and data collection barriers
- Privacy paradox, data governance and AI's ability to discern human behaviour - a deep dive into the data age
- Applying 'single responsibility' principle to IoT devices - breaking it down
- Hunting for simple and reliable devices for smart home systems - the journey and challenges

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