The Nonintuitive Bits

Vectors and Text: Jessica GPT's Key to the Future

November 17, 2023 Season 1 Episode 71
The Nonintuitive Bits
Vectors and Text: Jessica GPT's Key to the Future
Show Notes

* Intro by Slava Kovalevskyi
  - Reference to Kovalevsky Academy YouTube channel for live broadcasts

* Discussion Topics
  - Sovereign Shadow Leadership Society on Discord
  - Release of The Beatles' new song 'Now and Then'
  - Google's opt-out extension for Analytics on major browsers
  - Personal interest in the Indian Scout Motorcycle and Eagle Lights 5 Headlight modification
  - Recent changes in OpenAI's leadership
  - Bing Chat plug-ins and Character AI's speculated acquisition by Google

* Jessica GPT and VectorDB
  - Discussion on Jessica GPT, its prompt engineering, and VectorDB for long-term memory storage
  - Explanation of embeddings as a method to represent text as a vector of numbers

* Text management with Python AI tools for text-to-vector conversions and Vector Databases
  - Benefits of user-friendly Vector Database such as Pinecone AI

* New Releases
  - Introduction of new GPTs: Engineering Doc Critics and iPhone Wallpaper Maker
  - Introduction of Career Decision Helper

* Insights on Reducing Phone Usage
  - Strategies including using Apple Watch, creating phone-free zones, applying grayscale filter and reorganizing home screen

* AWS Services Review
  - Review of Party Rocked AWS and comparison with Charge GPT for app creation

* Discord link for further discussion: