The Nonintuitive Bits

Exploring Media Laws, Cryptography and Immersive Games

November 03, 2023 Season 1 Episode 69
The Nonintuitive Bits
Exploring Media Laws, Cryptography and Immersive Games
Show Notes

- They touched on issues with Amazon Live streaming
- Unpacked societal labeling as seen in the is movie "Barbie"
- Talked about celebrities like Will Ferrell, Ryan Gosling, and Margot Robbie
- They compared "Barbie" with "South Park" highlighting their multiverse themes
- Explored the influence of 'woke mob' in Hollywood
- Delved into Elon Musk's statement on Twitter censorship during the Joe Rogan show
- Underlined the need for laws defining 'reasonable efforts' in the balance between labeling bans and civil rights
- Dissected freedom of speech and the role of platforms like Facebook and Twitter
- Discussed the differences between newspapers and social platforms
- Covered the applications of media laws to new and traditional media
- The conversation then went onto the balance between corporate moderation and unrestricted freedom
- Warned of the potential dangers of company moderation limiting diverse thoughts
- Brought up U.S decisions regarding censorship, and the use of "AllSides" for diverse U.S politics
- Reviewed the book "Cryptonomicon", shedding light on WWII, mathematics, and cryptography
- The hosts recalled personal encounters with crypto analysis
- Dug into challenges and excitement of deciphering "Cryptonomicon", including reader's thoughts
- Gave kudos for the immersive gaming experience in "Alan Wake 2"
- Analyzed the cross-over narratives in games such as the Elite Dangerous series, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Sony's Star Wars franchise
- Reviewed the books "The Art of Thinking Clearly", and "Serial Fun", which delve into biases and game development respectively
- Explored AI services for writing book narratives and summaries
- Celebrated reaching roughly 500 listeners per episode in the first month of the season

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