The Nonintuitive Bits

AI Unleashed: Bridging Realities

October 06, 2023 Season 1 Episode 64
The Nonintuitive Bits
AI Unleashed: Bridging Realities
Show Notes

- special guest **Nolan Shah**.
- **Nolan Shah's insightful tech journey**: From AWS to Cruise.
- Streaming platforms for Podcast: **YouTube** and **Twitter**.
- Dive into **entrepreneurial spirit within tech industry**.
- Discussion on **new tech releases**: Pixels, Pixel Watch 2, iPhone's new camera features.
- **Physical vs. Digital**: Collecting films on Blu-rays against streaming limitations.
- **Sony's new benefit for PlayStation Plus subscribers**: An exclusive movie streaming service.
- Talking about **Advancements in AI**: Dali Tree, Meta Connect 2023, use of AI in stickers, and LLMs.
- Insight into **Latest Gadgets**: Quest 3, Ray-Ban/Meta glasses, and Silent Hill interactive TV series.
- **Glimpse into future with GoPro**: AI deciding which photos to keep.
- **Bing Chat vs Windows**: Issues with DALI 3 and administrative rights.
- Need to address **invasive requests for data access by software systems**.
- Exciting possibilities with **AI assistants integrated with Microsoft Windows**.
- Hypothetical scenario where **AI reads and interprets open source code**.
- **Metaverse meeting recollection**: Lex Friedman's interview with Mark Zuckerberg on Oculus Quest Pro.
- Effects of the **recent strike by screenplay writers in Hollywood** on the production of shows like 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver'.

**Discussed Software, Books, and TV Shows**: iPhone, Youtube, Twitter, Xbox, iMessage, Playstation, Blu-ray, DVDs, Google Photos, AWS, Cruise, Bing Chat, Spider-Man, Dali Tree, Meta Connect 2023, Quest 3, Whatsapp, Silent Hill, Ray-Ban/Meta glasses, Microsoft Edge, DALI 3, Oculus Quest Pro, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Unreal MetaHuman, Apple Vision Pro, and Java/GVM source code.

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